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Installing MySql Server

by shedboy71

Installing MySQL Server

Start LXTerm and enter the following

# Install MySQL Server from the Debian repository
sudo apt-get install mysql-server

The package manager may suggest some dependencies for MySQL Server. Press “Y” then “enter”  to continue installation. The MySQL installation process will prompt for a password for the MySQL root user account. You can enter a password, or press “enter” to skip the password step . The installation process will prompt you two more times for a MySQL root password.

Not using a password for your MySql installation can be a security risk.

Continue entering the same password (or skipping it) as you did at the first prompt. The MySQL Client is installed as part of the standard MySQL Server package from the Debian repository. You do not need to install additional software to start using MySQL.
Testing Your Installation
# Verify the MySQL Client was installed
mysql –version
# Connect to the MySQL Server on localhost
mysql –user=root –password=password

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