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Raspberry Pi and Max7219 7 segment display

by shedboy71

In a previous example we connected a Max7219 8×8 LED matrix display to our Raspberry Pi, you can also purchase a 7 segment display which uses the same ic.

Here is a typical module

MAX7219 seven segment display

MAX7219 seven segment display

To make life easy there is a python module already available with a couple of examples. Open up a console window and type in the following

git clone https://github.com/rm-hull/max7219.git
sudo python max7219/setup.py install

You connect the module to you Raspberry Pi as follows, the Gnd (39) is for a Raspberry Pi 2. You can use another Gnd connection for another model.

Pi GPIO header Pin Number 8×8 module
MOSI / GPIO 10  19 DIN
5v 2 Vcc
CS0 / GPIO 8 24 CS

Create a file called test.py, I created this in the Examples folder of the max7219. Enter the following code using your favourite text editor


#!/usr/bin/env python
import max7219.led as led
import time
device = led.sevensegment(cascaded=1)
for x in range(1, 100):
    device.write_number(deviceId=0, value=x)


Save and run the example by typing the following in at the command line

sudo python max7219/examples/test.py


MAX7219 Red Module 8-Digit 7 Segment Digital LED Display

7 segment digit LED 8 bit digital display can be cascaded finished MAX7219 module

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