KY-009 3-color LED SMD module Raspberry Pi example

In this example we take a look at the KY-009 3-color full-color LED SMD module and connect this to a Raspberry Pi.

RGB LEDs consist of one red, one green, and one blue LED. By independently adjusting each of the three, RGB LEDs are capable of producing a wide color gamut. Unlike dedicated-color LEDs, however, these obviously do not produce pure wavelengths. Moreover, such modules as commercially available are often not optimized for smooth color mixing.

Parts List

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connecting wire Free shipping Dupont line 120pcs 20cm male to male + male to female and female to female jumper wire



The KY-009 RGB Full Color LED SMD Module consists of a 5050 SMD LED, you should use with limiting resistors to prevent burnout.

Operating Voltage 5V max
Red 1.8V ~2.4V
Green 2.8V ~ 3.6V
Blue 2.8V ~ 3.6V
Forward Current 20mA ~ 30mA
  • 180 Ohm resistor –> Pin ‘R’ of KY-009 module
  • 100 Ohm resistor –> Pin ‘G’ of KY-009 module
  • 100 Ohm resistor –> Pin ‘B’ of KY-009 module







Save this example as

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time

colors = [0xFF0000, 0x00FF00, 0x0000FF, 0xFFFF00, 0xFF00FF, 0x00FFFF]
pins = {'pin_R':11, 'pin_G':12, 'pin_B':13}  # pins is a dict

GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD)       # Numbers GPIOs by physical location
for i in pins:
	GPIO.setup(pins[i], GPIO.OUT)   # Set pins' mode is output
	GPIO.output(pins[i], GPIO.HIGH) # Set pins to high(+3.3V) to off led

p_R = GPIO.PWM(pins['pin_R'], 2000)  # set Frequece to 2KHz
p_G = GPIO.PWM(pins['pin_G'], 2000)
p_B = GPIO.PWM(pins['pin_B'], 5000)

p_R.start(0)      # Initial duty Cycle = 0(leds off)

def map(x, in_min, in_max, out_min, out_max):
	return (x - in_min) * (out_max - out_min) / (in_max - in_min) + out_min

def setColor(col):   # For example : col = 0x112233
	R_val = (col & 0xFF0000) >> 16
	G_val = (col & 0x00FF00) >> 8
	B_val = (col & 0x0000FF) >> 0
	R_val = map(R_val, 0, 255, 0, 100)
	G_val = map(G_val, 0, 255, 0, 100)
	B_val = map(B_val, 0, 255, 0, 100)
	p_R.ChangeDutyCycle(R_val)     # Change duty cycle

	while True:
		for col in colors:
except KeyboardInterrupt:
	for i in pins:
		GPIO.output(pins[i], GPIO.HIGH)    # Turn off all leds

Copy this to your raspberry pi and open up a terminal and type in

sudo python


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