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KY-002 Vibration switch module and Raspberry pi

by shedboy71

In this example we take a look at the KY-002 Vibration switch module and connect this to a Raspberry Pi.

When the switch detects movement, the output of the module is sent low.

The module is based around the Gaoxin SW-18010P vibration switch, lets look at that switch


1.SW‐18010P series are spring type, no directional vibration sensor trigger switch, any angle can trigger
2.Switch is open circuit OFF state , when it is static, when external force to touch and corresponding vibration, or movement speed achieve adequate (partial) centrifugal force, conductive pick feet will produce instant conductivity is instant ON state, when external force disappear, switch back to open circuit OFF‐state.
3.Switch have the identification P at the bottom, for completely airtight;
4.In the normal, switch life can reach 20,0000 cycles lifespan
5.This series Switches have trigger high sensitivity
6.Apply to security devicestoys electronic scales products

Electrical characteristics:

‐ Voltage: <12V
‐ Current: <20mA
‐ Conductive time: 2ms
‐ Closed resistance: <30 ohm
‐ Open resistance: >10M ohm

Parts List

Name link
Raspberry Pi 4 Aliexpress product link

Amazon. com link

Ebay search

37 sensor kit AliExpress Product link

Amazon link

ebay link

connecting wire Aliexpress product link

Amazon.com link

Ebay link



We use Pin 13 (GPIO27) for the sensor, one of the examples also has an LED connected to Pin 11 (GPIO17). We have not shown this in the schematic and layout below


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