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Java GPIO push button example

by shedboy71

Connect a push button to a GPIO pin and check for a button press


pi push button

pi push button


import com.pi4j.io.gpio.GpioController;
import com.pi4j.io.gpio.GpioFactory;
import com.pi4j.io.gpio.GpioPinDigitalInput;
import com.pi4j.io.gpio.PinPullResistance;
import com.pi4j.io.gpio.RaspiPin;
import com.pi4j.io.gpio.event.GpioPinDigitalStateChangeEvent;
import com.pi4j.io.gpio.event.GpioPinListenerDigital;
public class pushbutton 
    public static void main(String args[]) throws InterruptedException 
        System.out.println("Push button example");
        // create gpio controller
        final GpioController gpio = GpioFactory.getInstance();
        // gpio pin #02 as an input pin with its internal pull down resistor enabled
        final GpioPinDigitalInput myButton = gpio.provisionDigitalInputPin(RaspiPin.GPIO_02, PinPullResistance.PULL_DOWN);
        // create and register gpio pin listener
        myButton.addListener(new GpioPinListenerDigital() 
            public void handleGpioPinDigitalStateChangeEvent(GpioPinDigitalStateChangeEvent event) 
                // display pin state on console
                System.out.println(" Switch change detected: " + event.getPin() + " = " + event.getState());
        // keep program running until user aborts (CTRL-C)
        for (;;) {

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