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Adding network capabilities to your Pi Zero

by shedboy71

The Pi zero is a nice little low cost version which is perfect for maker type products, one of the snags is that there is no network capabilities but this is not a major issue as there are easy, low cost ways of adding these capabilities

We will look at one method which requires the following parts

  1. Micro USB to RJ45 converter
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Your modem or router

Here is a picture of a typical Micro USB to RJ45 converter which has the added bonus of adding 3 USB ports


You connect the Micro USB to RJ45 converter to the data peripheral micro usb connection and then connect a standard network cable to the converter and then the other end to your modem/router


Once connected I powered up my Raspberry Pi zero and a network connection was available and my Pi zero had been assigned an IP. No hardware and software setup required


This only costs around $4

Micro USB to Network LAN Ethernet RJ45 Adapter with 3 Port USB 2.0 HUB Adapter FEB18

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