RPiREF app for your Android device

Sometimes the simplest apps can be the most useful the RPIRef app for your Android device is an excellent example. Basically its a reference to the pinouts of the Raspberry Pi models, sounds basic and it is is but its amazing how often you forget this – well I certainly do

This app provides reference information and covers :

Model A & B
– Pin numbering of the 26-pin GPIO Header P1
– Pin numbering of the P5 Header on Rev 2 boards
– P6 reset header
– 3.3V, 5V and ground pins
– Status LEDs
– Audio Jack (stereo audio)

Pi 3, Pi 2, A+, B+ and Pi Zero
– Pin numbering of the 40-pin GPIO Header J8
– RUN reset header
– 3.3V, 5V and ground pins
– Status LEDs
– Audio Jack (stereo audio and composite video)

The app also contains some simple tips to identifying the different models.

The Zoom button on the GPIO header page allows you to set a zoom level so you can see the diagram in a size that suits your device and eye-sight. Just like the Model setting this is remembered between sessions.

This app is free and contains no adverts which in itself is unusual









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